What Is Superwoman Syndrome?

Superwoman Syndrome is a long-held positive character trait associated with African-American women who have been historically acclaimed to prevail through strength, perseverance, and self-reliance on behalf of their family and themselves in the face of societal and personal challenges.


How does superwoman syndrome effect black women?

Research has shown this legacy of strength in the face of stress among African American women directly correlates with many negative health disparities among African American women.


Stress-related health behaviors

EMbodying stress


HOw does the superwoman project help black women?

Black Girl Health Foundation’s College Ambassador Program’s campaign “Superwoman Project” has been developed to provide support to moms in every aspect of their lives, including new motherhood, reproductive health, child mortality, parenting, mental and holistic health, marriage and relationships, leadership, and navigating the workforce. “The Superwoman Project”, includes a 1-day virtual or in-person live workshop series designed to take place in different states and cities across the country and address different topics that affect Black Moms and their health and well being.

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